The Newington Heritage Society and the Town of Newington have several on-going and future plans for the Town of Newington.  

The new City Park, located between Industrial Road and McKinley Road, has a basketball court, picnic tables, and a playground for the younger children.

Future projects include:  a renovation of the Town Park, near the old gym, a walking trail around the ball field. The ball field will be transformed into a green space with trees, a gazebo, and hopefully, a water feature.  

The Town of Newington has many historical properties.  One of the oldest is the Walker Grove Missionary Baptist Church and school located at the end of McKinley Street.  The Pilgrim Missionary Baptist Association has given the Newington Heritage Society permission to begin restoration of the church and school.  

The Newington Museum will be housed at the 2nd Wind Salon on Main Street.  We encourage everyone in the Town of Newington and surrounding areas to add to the collection of historical pictures of Newington and family histories.  The Museum is open Wednesday through Friday from 9-3pm.